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Are you a small business owner, charity or community organisation keen to reach customers or market your business using social media, Google Ads and other digital marketing channels but uncertain what to do and how to do it?

Do you need help to understand Google Analytics and other reporting tools to understand, evaluate and present your data?

Do you want to get more organic reach from your website with effective use of Search Engine Optimisation?

Would you love someone to guide you through the world of online marketing and put you on the right track?


We run bespoke training sessions to help you work on your digital marketing, social media and SEO strategy, put it into action and get results. Get the right know-how, tools and skills for you to start reaching new audiences and bringing in leads from social media, organic search and Google Ads.

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During the training we can...


  • Explore the social networks which will work for YOUR business
  • Troubleshoot digital marketing campaigns
  • Spend time on the Ad platforms which matter to you (Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads)
  • Help you to start reaching the people who matter to your business and create more leads.
  • Deliver expert insights on what to post, and when
  • Explore content creation tools and social media management software
  • Help you to start seeing results from your social media strategy (or we can look into creating one for you!)
  • Explain the basics of updating and improving SEO


Get on the Pathway to Success

If you’re interested in a training session to help your business’ online presence rocket, get in touch.

Prices start from £50!

I look forward to working together,

Marie Leveret

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