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Recent Facebook changes: Harder to reach fans, better privacy

February 14, 2013 10:41 am Published by

Here’s an update on a few recent Facebook changes:

Separate feed for page posts:

Facebook now has a separate feed for page posts. This means it’s easier for fans to see all of their ‘liked’ pages news easily. It seems that pages fans interact with more frequently still appear in their general newsfeed but others appear in the new ‘pages feed’.

Facebook pushing advertising

This separate news feed for page posts demonstrates further that it seems to be getting harder and harder for businesses to reach their fans. It’s no longer enough just to have a Facebook page and encourage fans to like it. Facebook now wants you to spend money promoting your events and posts just to reach the people who have already liked your page. If you keep an eye on your page reach stats you may have noticed that your page posts seem to be reaching less fans in recent months, well there may only be one answer unfortunately: open that wallet! Bad news for small businesses in particular.

Personal privacy settings

Facebook has changed it’s privacy settings again. Hopefully this will make it easier to keep track on what information about you is publically available/viewable. One important change is that the updated Activity Log, which shows you all your activities on Facebook, will now let you go through all of the pictures on Facebook in which you’re tagged that are set to public. More info from Mashable here. Two salient points to remember:

  • Think before you post, because it’s hard to take it down.
  • Remember that “friending” someone connects you to that person, but also to her friends, and her friends’ friends.

By Marie Leverett


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