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Facebook Events – a great way to drum up interest in your event

August 2, 2015 12:31 pm Published by

Who forgets to create a Facebook event when they have a business event coming up? If you have a Facebook page it’s well worth the effort of adding your event and promoting it. You can do this by promoting the event post so it shows to your fans or a target group. You can also join the event yourself and then add your friends. However, there is also a new nifty thing you can do with your Facebook events (drum roll please)….

Did you know fans can now subscribe to your Facebook events, meaning they will automatically get a notification when you create an event. This means you no longer have to invite them and means fans who liked your page but are not your Facebook friends can also get a notification if they are a subscriber. First off let me run through how you actually set up an event – it’s easy peasy.

Have an event coming up and have a Facebook page? Don’t forget to create a Facebook event. To do this go to your Facebook page and select the ‘Offer, Event +’ tab:

Create Facebook event

Select the ‘Event’ option and simply fill in all the details pressing ‘create’ when finished:

Facebook event details box
You now have an event set up and to encourage your fans to subscribe to recieve notifications of future events do the following:

  • Go to your Page.
  • Go to your “Events” tab.
  • Click “Share Events.”

If you have no events tab on your Facebook page, don’t panic, you can add one by clicking on the drop down arrow on the ‘More’ tab on your Facebook page and selecting ‘Manage tabs’. You can then select ‘add or remove tads’ and add in an event tab.

I hope you find this useful to help market you events and if you need any help, get in touch.

Marie Leverett, Social Media Manager and Consultant

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