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Facebook Timeline for business pages has arrived!

March 1, 2012 12:31 am Published by

The new Facebook timeline for brands is big news for any business/organisation that manages a Facebook page. It’s just been announced that you have one month (until march 30th) to update your business page before it’s automatically published in the timeline format. So what does this mean?:

1) NEW BANNER IMAGE: Those 5 little photos across the top will disappear and be replaced by a large banner sized image, 849 x 313 pixels (or upload a photo and adjust the position).

2) PROFILE PICTURE: Your company profile picture will now have to fit in a square box (at least 180 pixels wide) so some readjustments will probably be necessary here if you currently have a long, portrait-sized image attached.

3) APPS: Your page apps will now appear as a landscape oriented strip just below the banner image. You can have a maximum of 12 apps on your page but only 4 will feature prominently, the rest will be accessible using a drop-down menu. The photos tab takes pride of place as the first app and cannot be moved. The number of likes you have automatically features as the second app but this one can be swapped for something else.

4) COMPANY FOUNDED DATE: Your page can now date back to when your company/organisation was founded, rather than when you joined Facebook. You just need to edit the ‘Founded’ link now visible on the right of your page.

5) FEATURED POSTS: Hover over a post and click on the star to make it wider (great for photos), or on the pencil to pin it to the top of your Page (for a week), hide or delete it entirely.

6) NEW ADMIN TAB: The admin tab is now at the top of the page and behaves and displays differently. It’s designed so you’ll be able to keep track of the activity on your Page, respond when people write on your Page timeline, and view your page insights all in the one place.

7) PRIVATE MESSAGES: People can now contact you privately – a message box is visible . The admin tab also has a message box where incoming mail notifications will appear.

8)PERSONALISED PAGE POSTS: Your page will display slightly differently to each visitor. It is now personalised so each page visitor sees activity (likes/shares/wall posts) by themselves or any friends who have interacted with the page.

9) MILESTONES: You now have the option of adding in company milestones. You can add an event, the date and description and a photo (optional) and it will appear in your timeline.

So there you have it, Facebook timeline for businesses in a nutshell. All in all, I think this is a great improvement, although it’s a shame only 4 apps are visible along the top (and more of a shame one of these has to be the photo tab). The new banner image is a big improvement on the row of five photos (which needed constant supervision to keep decent ones on display). The ability to add historic data about the company is a really great feature and one which should definitely be utilised.

Enjoy experimenting!

Check out a few pages who have already changed their Facebook pages into the timeline format:

wildfireinteractive coldplay devoncarousel

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