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How to set up Google Authorship for my blog

May 1, 2013 10:24 am Published by

Google is still pushing it’s own social media platform Google + and is enticing people to use it with SEO brownie points. If you’ve noticed that some blog posts in a Google search come up with the author’s profile shot next to them, these are people taking advantage of the SEO benefits of Google + by using ‘Google Authorship’. ¬†Apparently Google rewards authors who are fully embracing Google-ness with higher rankings and click-through rates. Aside from the SEO benefits though, it is a nice touch and helps build trust if your photo pops up alongside your blog post.

So how do I set my blog up so it has Google Authorship I hear you ask? Okay, here’s how:

1) Set up a Google + account if you haven’t got one already. Spend a bit of time adding a profile shot, some info about yourself and adding people to your circles.

2) On your next blog post add “?rel=author” to the end of your Google+ URL and use this link somewhere in your blog post. For example my URL would be: I would then create a hyperlink with this URL at the bottom of my blog post, like this: By Marie Leverett

You could add this link automatically to all of your blog posts by adding it to your blog template.

3) You now need to link your Google + profile to your blog. Go to the About section of your Google + profile, scroll down to the Links section, click ‘edit’ & then under ‘Contributor to” add the URL for your blog.

4) You’re all finished! Relax, make a cup of tea and then head back over to search for your blog post and see your photo pop up in the search results. Magic…SEO brownie points coming your way.

By Marie Leverett

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