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How LinkedIn company pages could be improved

April 18, 2012 1:55 pm Published by

Even though I advocate the use of a LinkedIn company page, I rarely update and promote my own and hence have few followers. I was just e-mailed by LInkedIn to take part in a survey on how their company pages could be improved. Since I find LinkedIn company pages out on a limb, awkward to update, ugly and unintuitive I thought I’d share my response to one particular question:

Please tell us why you are unlikely to recommend LinkedIn company pages?

1) It’s hard to get people to follow company pages at the moment.

2) The design isn’t very interesting – more information, photos and links on the company page would be good, especially on the static overview page you land on where only a tiny amount of info is visible. The option to add your company Twitter/Facebook/G+ buttons and feeds to it would help.

3) There’s no call to action as to why you should follow a company either – the button prompting you says ‘Follow Company’ without saying ‘to keep up to date with all their news etc etc’.

4) The company pages are not very visible as being linked to you on your profile (even though you can hover over the link on your personal profile if you have set it up this way).

5) There’s not much prompting to set up a company page so not many people have them, hence they don’t know about them and don’t follow other ones. One idea might be to include your company page in the invite to connect for new connections.

6) You can’t update the company profile from social media management software like Hootsuite at the moment which is a massive drawback because it’s yet another platform to update with, at the moment, very intangible benefits from having it.

7) It would be good if you could link your company status updates to Twitter with a specific hashtag (#inc instead of #in for example).

8) The company page widget to add to your website was a good touch but is so new it’s hard to see how effective it will be to increase interest.


The survey was supposed to take 8 minutes and it just took me half an hour! Hopefully there will be some improvements in the next few months because I’m sure they’ll get a lot of feedback.


Let me know your thoughts on LinkedIn company pages.

Marie (Social Media Manager)

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