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5 ways to improve your LinkedIn profile

June 23, 2015 11:52 am Published by

I thought I’d share with you today a few tips on how you could improve your LinkedIn profile, to show off your skills and industry in the best light. If you haven’t yet signed up to LinkedIn, you really should, it’s well worth it. It’s the largest professional network and helps you build your professional identity online and discover new business opportunities. If you haven’t signed up yet you can do so here, and if you just have a half hearted profile which isn’t doing you any favours, here are some ideas to help you get the most out of LinkedIn:

1) First up is add a photo. Obvious I know, but so many people don’t bother with this it has to be number 1.

2) Whenever you log in LinkedIn prompts you to fill in more and more info but make sure you fill in the obvious sections – current work position and experience. If you want to appear more human and show a bit more of your personality, make sure you also fill in the areas about hobbies and causes you care about.

3) Get some recommendations. It’s easy to do this and you’ll find people will be happy to help you out. Just scroll down your profile page until you see the ‘Ask to be recommended’ button.

4) Share updates. These could be about what you’re up to work wise or useful industry links (no sharing of what you had for breakfast or how much weight you’ve lost please – save that for Facebook). You can share an update from the home tab (rather than your profile tab) and if you want to see what you’ve shared, go to your profile page and click the down arrow next to ‘View profile as’ then select ‘view recent activity’.

5) Download the LinkedIn app for your smartphone. This will make it loads easier to use LinkedIn and keep in touch with colleagues and job opportunities.

There’s lots more you can do with LinkedIn which I’ll carry on in Part 2 of this blog post, so check back in for more LinkedIn tips and advice. Bye for now, Marie

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