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How to: Shoot video clips straight from Twitter

February 5, 2015 1:51 pm Published by

Twitter is changing again, making things easier for you to share your world straight from the Twitter app. You can now shoot, edit and share a movie on your smartphone straight from your Twitter app. This is great news for avid Twitter users and businesses alike. Say you’re at a conference relating to your business, you could now tweet a snippet of the proceedings straight from Twitter and share it with your followers. It’s not a big change, since you could just upload videos before, but it makes life a bit easier if you are say, at an event or in a newsworthy place/situation and you want to share more easily. I just shot a video to give you an idea of how it works:

If you want to share a video straight from our mobile Twitter app, just go to the ‘Tweet’ button (top right) then choose the camera icon. From here you can now choose the red movie camera (this is NEW) and shoot a movie clip:

 you can now record videos from twitter app  

Once you’ve recorded one clip you have the option of recording more and then rearranging them, all from within the app. Neat hey? I hope you find this useful. If you don’t yet have the option to record videos from your smartphone, make sure your app is updated.

Get shooting! Marie

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