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5 social media timesaving tips for businesses

November 30, 2011 10:21 am Published by

Social media can be great for businesses, we don’t need to argue about that, but it’s also time-consuming keeping on top of it. With Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging, YouTube, Google+ and Foursquare to think about, a business needs to be efficient and organised to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Here are 5 top tips to help you manage your social media platforms:

Schedule tweets
If you can, schedule some of your tweets using software like Hootsuite (free for up to 5 profiles). Whilst you want to avoid looking impersonal, a lot of tweeted information can be scheduled to give you a steady drip-feed of tweets which you can add to as and when you have the time. You can use Hootsuite to schedule Facebook updates as well, although I’d advise against using this functionality too frequently (real-time status updates are more popular with Facebook fans).

Turn off e-mail notifications
If you’re currently receiving e-mail notifications for every new twitter follower or every new discussion on LinkedIn my advice is to get rid of them. Your inbox is getting clogged up with too much information and making you feel overwhelmed. You can check up on your new twitter followers when you log into your twitter account and a weekly update from LinkedIn is probably enough to give you an overview of what is happening with your connections and groups. (change this under ‘E-mail notifications’ under your settings menu on LinkedIn).

Finding new Twitter followers
If you want to build up your Twitter following and are getting frustrated with how difficult it is to identify new, relevant and interesting followers within Twitter it might be time to consider using software like ‘tweetadder’ to help you. You can then search for followers based on location, key words in their profile info or follow ‘followers of a user’. This can save lots of time and give you some great results. This article on ‘How to find people on Twitter using Google‘ is also useful.

Writing new blog posts
So you got your blog up and running, posted religiously for a few months and then…ran out of inspiration. Sound familiar?! If you don’t have much time it’s better to post something regularly than nothing at all. Just write a quick post referring to an interesting article you saw or providing an update on something your company is currently doing. Every blog post doesn’t have to be epic. Another option is to spread the work by getting more colleagues on board and having several blog authors.

Little and often
Finally, try to build social media into your every day routine so it is something you spend a small amount of time on every day. Use software like Hootsuite to schedule a backbone of updates and then set aside a parcel of time each day, every other day or each week to update your profiles. Be consistent so your followers and fans know what to expect. Chris Wood has written a very useful blog post on managing your time which you can view here.

I hope this helps, and don’t forget, if you’re still struggling to keep on top of your social media management do get in touch.

Marie Leverett, Social Media Manager

Image by renjith krishnan

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