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Twitter Ads: New Objective-based campaigns

August 12, 2014 3:08 pm Published by

Who do you want to reach on Twitter? How will you reach them? How can you tell if you’ve done a good job? Would you like to target with precision, connect directly with your audience and make sure you hit the mark? Well maybe you should give Twitter Ads a go.

Since Twitter launched Twitter Ads in 2010, advertisers have used Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts to connect with an engaged audience at precisely the right moment. Now Twitter have announced objective-based campaigns, reports and pricing. This will make it easier for advertisers to create and optimise successful marketing campaigns — and pay only for the actions that are aligned with their marketing objectives. Objective-based campaigns and pricing are now available in beta to SMBs and API partners globally, and Twitter will be rolling this out to managed clients by invitation over the next few months.

With objective-based campaigns, businesses will be able to select from a range of key objectives, including driving Tweet engagements, website clicks or conversions, app installs or engagements, followers, or leads to help meet their campaign goals.

If you’d like to give Twitter Ads a go, it’s easy and you can experiment with a small amount of money if you want to. Think about what you want to achieve through Twitter Ads then sign into your Twitter account and go to Fill in your country and time zone (NB: this cannot be changed later so do it right!). Next select a campaign objective:

Twitter Ad Objectives


For each option you select you will see an example of ‘What your audience sees’, ‘Where they see it’ and ‘How it’s optimised’. Spend some time looking through the different options and getting used to them. You can then give your campaign a name, set it to start immediately or at a later date, and write your tweet – think about how to word your tweet to get the best results.

Give it a whirl, you never know what might happen!

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