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Twitter brand pages launched in the UK

February 3, 2012 12:48 am Published by

So Twitter brand pages have finally made it to the UK after being trialled in America. So how do they look and behave compared to normal pages and what difference will they make for businesses?

If you check out the brand pages of Cadburys or Asda you’ll be able to see what the new brand pages look like. At first glance they look pretty similar, but there are some interesting changes. Firstly, the brand can anchor a tweet at the top of their timeline. This is really useful if your key messages get quickly hidden beneath conversations and replies. Secondly, brands can insert a banner beneath their profile information. Again, this is great if you have a key message to get across, or it’s a chance to make your branding more prominent.




So, thinking you’d like a company page on Twitter? Well here’s the catch, you have to spend at least $25,000 a year on Twitter advertising to qualify for an enhanced profile which means you need to be either a large company or really targetting your market on Twitter.

There’s no doubt the changes are useful for brands, and the option to embed a video in the anchor tweet is pretty exciting (live streaming is now possible), but the enhanced profiles are not radically different from an ordinary Twitter profile page and are still out of reach, price wise, for many companies. It sounds like their will be further enhancement of the brand pages in the coming months. This will include developing the analytics capabilities within Twitter, but it would be interesting if brands were given more of a free reign on their profile design. It would also be good if companies without a large Twitter marketing budget had a way on board.

For more info check out mashable and Market Watch.

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